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Economic integration, globalization is an indispensable trend of the international economy today.

Any country is not out of that trend if it wants to survive and thrive, especially in developing countries, including Vietnam. Vietnam officially became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) from the end of 2006 to the beginning of 2007. Since then, the trend of liberalization of trade, international economic integration, Export activities seem to be indispensable for businesses of all types, all economic sectors.

In recent years, exports of wood and wood products have become one of the strengths contributing to the economic development of Vietnam. From its initial faint position, Vietnam now ranks second in Malaysia after exports of wood and wood products in the ASIAN countries and became Vietnam’s fifth major export item. After Textiles, Footwear, Electronics and Fisheries. In the trend of trade liberalization and international economic integration, the export of timber and wood products is one of the important factors contributing to the growth and development of the national economy, of which boards Squeezing is an indispensable ingredient and there is great demand.

Capture this opportunity in 2008 MAXSON Co., Ltd. has set up investment project to build export plywood factory in M’drak district, Dak Lak province and has been approved by the provincial People’s Committee.

MAXSON Plywood Factory is located at Lot 240 Industrial Cluster of M’drak District, Krong Jing Commune, M’drak District, Dak Lak Province, Km 82 National Highway 26 is the central location of the extremely raw material area. Ideal for the construction and development of the timber industry by road and sea transportation systems are very favorable, especially where the favorable climate is very favorable soil is very suitable for the development of plantations. – a very important and beneficial element when orienting the development of high quality plywood is air humidity. “Material is always the key to the survival of every business.”

Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages here, MAXSON Company has decided to invest in infrastructure on the total area of ​​42,700 m2 including 3,500 m2 of workshop, 1200 m2 of warehouse, 300 m2 of house Eat, two blocks of collective housing for employees … etc .. and closed production lines from AZ to produce finished high quality plywood including investment in planting material forests.